I want to order an item that's "Sold Out".  How will I know when it's back in stock?  Send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com and we may be able to place a special order for you.  If not, we will provide an approximate time frame of when this item is projected to be back in stock.  

An item marked "Sold Out" allowed me to add it to my shopping cart.  Now what?  Due to multiple orders being placed at once, an item that's generally in stock can sell out quickly.  It automatically let's you place an order that can be back ordered.  We will notify you if your item is back ordered and give you the option to either cancel your purchase, or wait for your new ship date.  

If an item is sold out, why is it visible online?  If an item is sold out, it will tell you in the description.  We keep it posted, as we know we will be getting those items back in stock.  This also allows the customer to place a special order to expedite those lead times.  

I've placed an order; when can I expect to receive my purchase?  All items in stock will sent out within 3-5 business days once processed.  If an item is back ordered by the time it is processed, it may take up to 15 business days to ship.  Special orders or custom orders may take longer; depending on ship date from the manufacturer.  Larger items like furniture require truck ship and can take up to 4 weeks.  We will notify you when your item ships.  We value your business and will ship your items out as soon as possible.  Park Hill Collection items take longer to ship as they sell out quickly; especially discounted items.  Lead times are approximately two weeks before the manufacturer sends new product to our store.  

Why do your offer free shipping on some furniture items, while other pieces you do not?  It depends on where the product is originating from.  Our products are shipped from several manufacturers and warehouses located throughout the country.  When our inventory is shipped out to our store, we are assessed a shipping and handling fee; this charge can be upwards of 35%.  If your item is shipped from our local warehouses directly to you, we are only assessed one shipping and handling fee, (instead of two), and we cover those fees. In the description box the item will tell you if it qualifies for free shipping.  Some items may just add to your cart without shipping added.  

Why do some items take longer to ship out?   Most items on our website are already in stock and are shipped out within 3-5 business days once the order has been processed.  We process orders Monday - Friday.  Also, due to multiple orders being fulfilled at once, some items may sell out.  We in turn have to make a special rush order from the manufacturer to fulfill the remaining orders.  Because we are a smaller family owned store, we cannot carry all of our larger items in stock at all times.  These larger items are truck ship and may take longer to ship out to us for delivery to our customers.  We will notify you when your item ships.

I seem to have lost my assembly instructions to my furniture.  Now what?  Send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com with your order # and product information, and we can send you a link to download instructions.      

When is my credit card charged?  Your credit card is charged at the time of purchase; not when the item ships.  

Can I cancel an order after it's been placed?  Yes, as long as the item(s) haven't been shipped.  If the items have already been shipped, you will have to go through the return process.  Please send us an email right away at donna@alexandre-home.com.  

What method(s) do you use for shipping?  We use USPS, UPS, and Fed-Ex.  We may choose a faster method to ship your orders, but we will absorb the extra costs incurred.  In order to keep shipping costs to a minimum and allow us to deliver your product to you as fast as possible, we choose the best method possible for that particular product.  We may use a freight service for the bigger items purchased.  If so, a delivery appointment will be needed.  The carrier will contact you for the best time/date to deliver your items purchased.  A signature is required for all furniture or larger items.  By signing receipt you are signing off on defects/damages.  

Do you ship internationally?  Right now we can only ship to the United States.  

Do you ship to PO Boxes?  Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO boxes.  For tracking purposes we can only ship to physical addresses.    

How much are my shipping charges?  Once you've added your item to the cart, prior to check out, taxes and shipping will be added.  

I received my order, but it's damaged.  Now what?  Due to circumstances beyond our control during shipping, some items get mishandled and damaged.  No problem!  Save all the packaging and original materials the product was shipped in and contact us at donna@alexandre-home.com within 48 hours of receipt for further instructions.  We value your business and will do everything to make it right.   

I received my order, but I'm not happy with my purchase.  At Alexandre Home, customer satisfaction is most important to us.  Please notify us at donna@alexandre-home.com within 48 hours of receipt and tell us what you don't like about your item and to get further instructions. To complete your return, items need to be sent back in original condition with all packaging.  A refund will be issued once we receive your item.  Shipping costs are non-refundable. Items listed on sale or discounted are not eligible for return.  All furniture sales are final sale and are non-returnable due to the increased costs of shipping/logistics.  

Why are shipping costs non-refundable if I cancel my order?  We are assessed a shipping and handling fee of upwards of 35% when we carry items in stock in our store.  In order to keep our costs at a lower price point, we cannot absorb the costs of shipping and handling fees both ways.  

Can I return children's products?  Unfortunately, due to health reasons and the ever evolving changes surrounding COVID-19, unless the item is defective, children's beanies, clothes, rain boots, or dishes cannot be returned.  Please ensure the correct size prior to your purchase.    

Can I return live wreaths or greenery?  Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on these items as these wreaths are made to order to ensure freshness of these items.  

Can I return items on sale or discounted?  Unfortunately, we cannot.  Sales are final.  

Do you price match?  In order to stay in compliance with our MAP policies and maintain a good relationship with our suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses, we cannot always price match.  Some items listed on our website have several different versions or manufacturers of the same product.  Take a picture of the item(s) you saw listed, or send us the link you've found, and email it to us at donna@alexandre-home.com.  If we get the price approved from our supplier, we will definitely honor that price.  

Some items listed on your website are marked "coming soon."  Why is that?  Some items, especially if it's a seasonal item, are not released yet from the manufacturer and are currently not in our store.  We let our customers know in order to allow our customers to reserve one ahead of time to make sure they're not sold out by the time they're available and in stock. Some items we manufacture ourselves are custom orders for our brand; these take months to design, manufacture, and catalog.  We release these items as quick as we can.     

I see an item that's "coming soon" and want to make sure I get one.  What do I do?  Send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com in order to reserve your item. 

If you run out of an item that's seasonal, can you place another order with the manufacturer?  Not always.  Some items sell out quickly and are not available for the remainder of the year.  Some items are discontinued all together.  Make sure you send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com to reserve your item prior to those items being in stock.  

Some items are listed as backordered in the description box.  When will those items be back in stock?  Most items that are backordered will have an approximate estimated time of arrival; (ETA).  Some items that are listed "New Arrivals" are backordered up to 3 months and we don't have a definitive time from the manufacturer yet.  These items are in high demand and they are currently taking preorders for those backordered items. 

How can I make sure I get a backordered item once it's in stock?  In order to ensure you can purchase an item that's on backorder, you'll need to do a preorder, as they already have a waitlist for those backordered items.  Either purchase the product and add to cart, or send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com prior to your purchase.  

I have additional questions regarding shipping, lead times, and/or product availability how can I get those answered?  Send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.  

Can I purchase Kristian Alexandre™ products elsewhere?  Alexandre Home reserves the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, and distribute products of the Kristian Alexandre™ Brand.  All Kristian Alexandre™ Designs are original and have a registered copyright. Kristian Alexandre™ products are also available on the brand website: www.kristianalexandre.com.  We will also be launching with a major retailer in September; stay tuned for details.    

Is your Kristian Alexandre™ Dinnerware dishwasher safe?  Yes.  The dyes, inks, and paints used are permanent.  

Is it safe to eat off the children's dinnerware?  Although these dishes have been professionally glazed with a lead-free glaze and fired twice, we do not recommend it.  The manufacturer of the ink and paint pens used for artwork does not recommend use for ingesting.  Primarily these dyes, inks, and paints used in most artwork for dishes are generally deemed safe once they've been glazed; but as a precaution, we do not recommend it.  

Will I ever be able to use this dinnerware?  Yes.  As we perfect the inks, dyes, and paints used and the manufacturer deems them safe, we will be offering plates that are fully functional.  Want an alternative?  Put a clear plate on top.  

If it's not recommended to eat off this dinnerware, why buy them?  These dishes were made more as a collector's item.  Have a picky eater and want to use them?  Put on a clear plate over the Fruits and Vegetables plates and you've solved the problem!  

Do you offer melamine dinnerware for the Fruits and Vegetables Collection®?  No, not at this time, but we are currently manufacturing melamine and will be releasing them soon! In order to preserve the vibrancy of color and produce that clean, classic look, the ceramic dishes currently used offers the best version of our artwork. If you'd like us to custom make an original design on a charger instead of a plate, send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.  

Can I personalize my dinnerware?  No, not at this time.

Can I return a personalized custom order?  Unfortunately, we cannot return custom orders or special orders.  

Is your Kristian Alexandre™ Dinnerware made in the USA?  Yes, we design and custom make all of our dinnerware right here in Texas!  To keep up with demand we will be manufacturing overseas soon.  

Why does it take longer to re stock the dinnerware?  Because each plate is handmade and has to go through the firing process, it may take longer to get these items back in stock.  We're getting these items manufactured as fast as we can.  

FAQ's regarding fresh greenery, holiday wreaths, and magnolia wreaths:

Q.  What will the product look like once it dries?    A. The leaves will change their color depending on the intensity of sunlight and heat. None of the leaves will shed but rather dry into a beautiful home accent decoration for all seasons. 

Q. How long will the wreath last?
A fresh original Magnolia wreath will last for a minimum of 4 years if cared for appropriately.  You can choose to keep the fresh magnolia wreath on a wall inside your home or place in a Magnolia Company box and store in a cool dry place once the drying cycle is complete.   Those wreath styles accented with cedars, boxwood and evergreens shed as they dry and are a more seasonal item.

Q. How long will a dried wreath last?
A. A dried Magnolia wreath is lightly coated with a rich green hue and will last for a minimum of 5 years if cared for appropriately. We recommend displaying your dried wreath indoors because of the delicate  nature of the leaves. We also encourage you to handle your dried design gently if moving from one location to another.

Q. Can I spray it with water to extend the shelf life?
A magnolia wreath does best if hung out of direct sunlight. Spraying it with water will not extend the shelf life. In fact it will damage the wreath. A little misting on the boxwood would be beneficial.

Q. How will it come packaged to my home?
The wreaths, live greenery, and magnolia products are shipped in a quality box along with a watercolored care card, and if a gift, a gift card. Your box should be kept for future storage of the wreath.

Q. Can I reuse my fresh garland?
The magnolia leaf is fragile when dried and since garlands are created without a base form we do not recommend storing them for future use.

Q. Can I send these as gifts with a gift message?

Q.  I want to purchase a wreath, but I want a future ship date.  How can I notify you?   A.  Send us an email at donna@alexandre-home.com prior to placing your order and we will arrange that for you.  

Have additional questions or see something we don't have?  Email us at donna@alexandre-home.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.